You may not give much thought to the lowly trailer. Sure, it sits on the back of a car or truck and then it is largely forgotten about, until of course you actually need to get an object from point A to point B. For some, trailers are just part of everyday life. If you are in the trades for example, or in landscaping, construction or anything else that requires odd shaped tools and supplies chances are you have a trailer.

That closed trailer is a great place to store all of your tools and supplies, it is convenient as you go to a job, you just hitch up the trailer and all that you need arrives with you. Things can be neatly stowed in there, out of the elements and locked up for safety and to deter thefts. Having everything in one place means that you know you have what you need to do the job and when it’s done, you can pack up and head home knowing you are good to go the next day.

If you work at landscaping and have to take lawnmowers, edgers and big bulky bags of stone, sand and dirt around with you, using an open trailer makes a lot of sense. When you arrive you drive your lawnmower off the trailer and it’s easy to get back on once you’re done. The open trailer does allow for weather to get to your supplies, but who cuts grass in the rain anyway?

Simple trailers help anyone regardless of their job. Those weekend warriors who go to the local big box store and buy supplies for their yard, pond or DIY project have to have a way to get all of that stuff home. If you’ve ever tried piling paving stones into a trunk you’ll know you really need a trailer to get the job done.

And then there are the toys: the ATV’s, the racing cars, the skidoos that need to be transported from your garage to the great outdoors. Enter the trailer and you are one step closer to fun. With so many designs, sizes and shapes, trailers today can be custom made to your specifications. If you need removable sides they can do that, if you need it to be able to dump, you can have that too, and if you need salt or rock guards you guessed it, they are available too!

Source by Amanda J Hales