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The Pirates Who Do not Do Anything – Movie Review

Movie Mama Rating: 4 stars out of 5 Starring: Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Cam Clarke, Yuri Lowenthal (II), Alan Lee Directed By: Mike Nawrocki Running Time: 85 min. MPAA Rating: G Larry the Cucumber, Pa Grape, and Mr. Lunt have made it to the big screen as their famous roles: "The Pirates Who Do not Do Anything." Sedgewick (Mr. Lunt), George (Pa Grape), and Elliot (Larry the Cucumber) are busboys at a local pirate-themed dinner theater. Sedgewick is lazy and selfish, George is a coward who has lost respect in the eyes of his children, and Elliot has a list ten miles long full of things he's scared of. After these obvious flaws, their all time aspiration is to star in the dinner show. When they audition, however, they're so terrible that they wreck the theater and are fired on the spot. They feel they are destined to be losers forever until they are summoned magically to save a prince and princess from the seventeenth century. A squash-buckling adventure ensues as they battle the evil Robert the Terrible and in the mean time, show kids what being a real hero is all about. "The Pirates Who Do not Do Anything" does what it set out to do: entertain the little ones. It was refreshing to walk into a theater and see children still sucking on pacifiers able to enjoy...

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Complete List of James Bond Movies

James Bond is an all-time hero for those who are in love with action flicks. He was fictional character that was created by Ian Fleming that was launch in novels, television shows, and films. In this article, we lay out the complete list of James Bond movies from the very first one that graced the big screen in 1962. Scan the list and see which ones you have missed. If you ever find a title you missed watching, rush to your nearest video store and grab a copy. Missing any of the James Bond flicks is a mortal sin for Bond aficionados. 1. Dr. No, 1962, Sean Connery 2. From Russia with Love, 1963, Sean Connery 3. Goldfinger, 1964, Sean Connery 4. Thunderball, 1965, Sean Connery 5. You Only Live Twice, 1967, Sean Connery 6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 1969, George Lazenby 7. Diamonds Are Forever, 1971, Sean Connery 8. Live and Let Die, 1973, Roger Moore 9. The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974, Roger Moore 10. The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977, Roger Moore 11. Moonraker, 1979, Roger Moore 12. For Your Eyes Only, 1981, Roger Moore 13. Octopussy, 1983, Roger Moore 14. A View to a Kill, 1985, Roger Moore 15. The Living Daylights, 1987, Timothy Dalton 16. License to Kill, 1989, Timothy Dalton 17. GoldenEye, 1995, Pierce Brosnan 18. Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997, Pierce...

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Monsters Vs Aliens Movie Makes Great Party Ideas

Monsters vs Aliens what's the story? The story is DreamWorks very soon to be released 3-D animated film. And it is going to popular with the kids as a movie and as a party idea. Some party ideas include getting a monster pinata, buying some cute Monsters vs Alien party supplies and making some monster looking party food … like a cyclops cookie … make a monster shaped cookie, but only give it one eye. Play pin the eye on BOB as a party game and you can find some fun Monster vs Alien stickers to give out as game prizes or a party favor. What's this new kids movie all about? Well, a meteorite falls from Outer Space and hits Susan Murphy, a young Californian who just happens to be late for her wedding. Susan is having a bad day. After being stuck by the meteor, Susan grows to be 49 'and 11 "tall. The government labels her a monster and she is eliminated in a" monsters "area in a secret government compound. "who have also been eliminated by the government. The other Monsters include: Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D., the Missing Link, BOB, Insectosaurus. When aliens land on Earth and demand that the planet be turned over to them, the President calls the Monsters to action under the guidance of General WR Monger. Their mission is to combat the...

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The Art and the Technique of Editing a Movie

Editing a movie can be referred to as tailoring a movie. Just as people do not want to wear ill-fitting clothes, no viewer is ready to see an unedited movie. An unedited movie is not compact, brief and tight, so it does not lure the spectators. Editing a movie means arrangement of shots according to understandable perspective so that the viewers could derive aesthetic pleasure. In cinema, generally two techniques are followed, viz., Mise-en-scene and montage. Mise-en-scene refers to the composition part of movie making or in other words whatever is being shot with the single switch-on of the camera till the single switch-off of the camera. On the other hand, the editing style and technique is known as montage. Some years ago editing was really a difficult as well as lengthy task when the films were shot in celluloid. Edit actually means "cut" and the editors then really cut the unwanted strip from the roll and used to paste all the perfect shots into one and then photocopying that particular strip. This is how we get pre-edited celluloid roll that is ready to view. Today, it is the era of computers and editing is being done in computers. The process of editing with the help of computer is called non-linear editing. It is generally seen that when the movie is shot, it takes far more time than what...

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Harry Potter Is All Grown Up

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is 7th in the list of Harry Potter movies. This installment is in two parts. The first was released in November of 2010, and the second will be release in July of 2010. So far, the series has grossed $5.4 billion according to the Guinness Book of Records, making it the most successful film franchise ever. With these final two parts, that place in the record books will be hard to beat. The series started with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001 when Harry finds out he’s a wizard. This brings him to Hogwarts, new friends, and the beginning of his adventures. In the Chamber of Secrets, the dangers coming to Hogwarts is foreshadowed. The Prisoner of Azkaban wants to kill Potter as Harry begins to realize he’s not like the other wizards. In the Goblet of Fire Harry is chosen to compete in The Triwizard Tournament. Next, Potter tries to convince people that Voldemort is back in Order of the Phoenix. In the Half-Blood Prince it becomes obvious to everyone that the Dark Lord is back. We’ve watched Harry and his friends grow up. For many kids, they grew up right along with him reading the books and watching the movies. In the beginning he was a young, timid wizard, unsure of his abilities. Over the years he found more...

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