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SEO Techniques to Promote Your Nonprofit

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for any nonprofit that wants to have an online presence. This is not just limited to for profit companies that are trying to market themselves. It means more than just building a website and assuming your organization will win search rankings. You need to practice SEO in order to place higher than other nonprofits with the same name or in the same arena. Take a quick test: Google these three search terms: your organization's name, your organization's name and city, and your organization's field and city. For example, "Tampa Humane Society," "Humane Society, Tampa FL," and "animal welfare Tampa FL." Where did your organization rank? If you do some proper SEO, your site should appear at the very top of the search rankings, or at least the top 5. If your SEO efforts are lacking, your site may not have even appeared on the first page. We have seen several nonprofits which websites are outranked rather severly, even by newspapers that wrote a single article about the organization. Obviously this will not do for nonprofits that are trying to increase pledges through their online efforts. One SEO technique for nonprofits is to publish your newsletter on your website. The easiest (and best) way to do it is to publish each individual article as a blog post. This helps your SEO by giving additional...

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Six Reasons to Visit the Gold Coast

Discover many reasons why people should visit the Gold Coast in Sunny Queensland but this is just seven of them. As you will see each of these factors will be a great base to visit, but it just happens to have all of these great benefits which makes it probably the most favored tourist areas Australia wide. First purpose – The Theme Parks Everybody wants to discover the big four theme parks – Dreamworld, Sea World, Movie World and Wet'n'Wild, band there are numerous more that are not as widely recognized. These theme parks just continue improving, and many people would want to see these some time in their lives. Second basis – The beach locations The Gold coast is full of wonderful beaches. The most used ones include Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, Main Beach, Duranbah, Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay and Currumbin. They all are absolutely amazing and potentially amongst the best beaches in the world .. Third basis – The Shopping The shopping is great regardless of what your taste in shops. The key complexes include Robina Town Center, Pacific Fair, Australia Fair and Harbor Town. There's a big selection of shops from high end boutique shops to factory direct outlets. Worth visiting for everyone really. Retail therapy reigns supreme while while in your Gold Coast … Fourth purpose – The nightlife Who could go past the...

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Memories Before and After the Sound of Music – Book Review

Agathe von Trapp, born in 1913, is the eldest daughter of Baron Georg von Trapp. Agathe, her siblings and parents formed the famous Trapp Family Singers, which inspired the popular film, The Sound Of Music.This famous movie was based on books written by Maria about their lives and experiences from her perspective, which – of course – the movie producers had creative license with. After reading Agathe’s memoir, Memories Before And After The Sound Of Music, interest for Maria’s books will likely increase once again. When I took on this project I reminisced to my husband about the bonding moments I had with my mother because of the movie; he went out and promptly rented the DVD from our local store. I think it is wonderful that the movie has survived all these years and can still be found on movie rental shelves. Memories Before And After The Sound Of Music is likely to experience similar success, simply due to how dear the family’s story has been to the masses. The book is written as a non-fiction account from Agathe’s memory – as such, readers will see the changing times through the eyes of the eldest daughter of the family. Perhaps due to the fact that Agathe was a young adult at the time, the story does not include the causes of the turmoil. Her bitterness seeps through here...

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Multicultural Researching

One of the essentials of mixing up with people who belong to different ethos is to understand them. The way to understanding a different culture goes through researching their lifestyles, traditions, festivals, etiquette and even history; not to mention, speaking to them in their language is very reassuring and helpful in flawless communication. There are many organizations in Australia and other developed countries that recognize this need and serve to fill the gaps between individuals or organizations belonging to different ethnicities. These organizations provide varied services, including 1. Language translation – Translation from any world language to another. It can be the more prominent languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike French, Spanish, German, Chinese or Japanese; or lesser spoken like Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Burmese, Kurdish et al. 2. Ethnic communication – These companies undertake multicultural research that enables them to have a sound knowledge of various regional colloquial slangs and typical jargons used in ethnic communication. 3. Multilingual audio production – As these companies are well-versed with various cultures and their linguistics, they also provide genuinely useful multimedia audio production. The services are thought for bi-lingual radio, re-voicing soundtracks for movies / videos, recording messages for telephone and producing audio components for use in web-based applications. 4. Multicultural marketing – It is useful for businesses involved in export marketing and other such commercial or non-profit ventures that require interaction with multiple cultures....

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9 Party Invitation Tips That Guarantee Guests Will Attend Your Party

What if you thread a party and no one showed up ?! Well, of course, that is not going to happen. But with all the time, effort and money you have invested in this occasion, you want to make sure that most of the people on your guest list attend. So, that's where your party invitation comes in. It's an important party preview and should generate an excitation about the upcoming event. Here are nine party invitations tips that will help encourage maximum attendance. 1. Mail your party invitations. This one seems obvious, but if you want to make sure that people attend your party, go with snail mail. Emailed invites can get deleted. And if you just spread the word in person or over the phone to your potential guest, it might slip his mind. An invitation that arrives in the mail gets noticed. 2. Do not wait too long. Make sure your party invitation arrives in plenty of time, so that people do not make other plans. Try to aim for 3 or 4 weeks before the party date. The Wow Factor 3. Impress your guests. When someone opens the envelope containing your party invitation, they will think, "This looks interesting. I have to go!"? Make an impact on possible party-goers by choosing an invitation that sets the tone for a great event. Your party invitations do...

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