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Author: mandmweb

Create Computer Games – Get Started on Creating Your Own Virtual Worlds

I’ve always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend’s computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve also always wanted to make games myself but, until recently, didn’t have the technical knowledge to do so. Now, I’m a second year software engineering student, so if I weren’t able to code a game without too many dramas there’d be something drastically wrong. But what about the common person: the person for whom the term ‘memory leak’ conjures up images of their grandfather, ‘pipeline’ is where the water flows, and ‘blitting’ is unheard of? Well, everyone can get in on the game creation process, and you don’t even need to learn ‘real’ programming to do so. So where do games start? With an idea. Games, like all fiction, require an idea to be successful. Sure, in the same way you can just sit down and write a story without foresight, you can jump on in and slap a game together. However, unless you get ridiculously lucky, the best works are usually the ones that have been well thought out beforehand. There are two methods of planning a project. You can start from a known technological standpoint...

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Agoraphobia Is Not the Opposite of Claustrophobia

Agoraphobia isn’t the opposite of claustrophobia – but a lot of people think it is. In fact I used to think exactly that. I used to think exactly that even when I was suffering from agoraphobia. I was even offered the opportunity to join an agoraphobics group, but I said no because I wasn’t afraid of open spaces. I quite liked open spaces as long as no one else was anywhere near me. In fact if there was no other human being in sight, then that was OK as far as I was concerned. But that was all a very long time ago. The translation of agoraphobia is ‘fear of the market place’, not, as many people think, fear of open spaces. The essence of the market place is people and human interaction. This is what is fearful. Places that agoraphobes typically avoid, or have problems with, are supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, crowds, parties. Places where a rapid exit might be difficult. The fear is usually of showing oneself up in some way in the eyes of others. Typically agoraphobes worry about things like: vomiting (usually as a result of severe anxiety); fainting; having a panic attack; or suffering from a genuine health emergency like a heart attack. The concern is usually one of embarrassment – perhaps fainting and finding oneself on a supermarket floor gazing up into a circle...

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Catering Equipment: Clear Out the Old

The new year usually brings with it new resolutions and the want to declutter. You want to start the year off on a clean slate so you assess your life and make decisions based on improving your life. The same goes for businesses. This is the time of the year that businesses plan their strategy and set targets for the year. This is the also the time of year that all the old products are cleared out to make room for new and improved products. Clear out the old, outdated and non-working catering equipment. If it is damaged and doesn’t function any more, you will need to let it go. What should you clear out? Cutlery and crockery. Ask one of your staff members to check all the cutlery and crockery in your restaurant. Damaged cutlery that is bent, dull or broken should be discarded. Chipped plates, saucers and cups are a hazard because a customer could cut their hands on the chipped plates and their lips on the porcelain cups. Replace them. This is a necessary expenditure. Appliances. If you had a busy holiday season and your restaurant was working overtime then you will know which appliances were not able to stand the heat. Any broken appliances should be discarded and replaced with commercial catering equipment that is built tough enough to endure the daily grind. Commercial refrigerators....

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Trailer Uses

You may not give much thought to the lowly trailer. Sure, it sits on the back of a car or truck and then it is largely forgotten about, until of course you actually need to get an object from point A to point B. For some, trailers are just part of everyday life. If you are in the trades for example, or in landscaping, construction or anything else that requires odd shaped tools and supplies chances are you have a trailer. That closed trailer is a great place to store all of your tools and supplies, it is convenient as you go to a job, you just hitch up the trailer and all that you need arrives with you. Things can be neatly stowed in there, out of the elements and locked up for safety and to deter thefts. Having everything in one place means that you know you have what you need to do the job and when it’s done, you can pack up and head home knowing you are good to go the next day. If you work at landscaping and have to take lawnmowers, edgers and big bulky bags of stone, sand and dirt around with you, using an open trailer makes a lot of sense. When you arrive you drive your lawnmower off the trailer and it’s easy to get back on once you’re done....

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Astrology’s Aries Lucky Days – What Time of Month to Gamble

People born in the date range of March 21st through April 19th have the Astrology sun sign of Ares the Ram. As an Aries, you probably know your basic Horoscope, but did you know that there are particular days and hours of the Month which are especially lucky for you? Here are some times when you will be especially lucky. Lucky Moon Days If you were birthday falls in the range of March 21st through March 28th, you will be luckier during the days of the New Moon. If it falls in the range of March 29th through April 5th, you will be luckier during the days of the second quarter of the Moon. If your birthday falls in the range of April 6th through April 13th, you will be luckier during the days of the Full moon. Finally, if you were born in the range of April 14th through April 19th, you will be luckier during the Moon’s fourth quarter. Numerology Days The celestial number of Aries is (7), and Mars, the ruling planet of Aries has a numerical value of (6). Using fadic addition from Numerology gives us the sum of (13) which reduces to (4). Therefore, any day of the month who’s digits reduce to (4) is a lucky day for people born under Aries. If you are going to gamble on the lottery during the...

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