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Month: December 2017

Understanding DVD Decoders

If you have just bought a personal computer lately, chances are high that it has a DVD player or drive installed. However, in order for you to actually view that movie or video, you need to have the proper DVD decoders in your computer. Even though a lot of operating systems have built in DVD decoders, it will still be to your advantage if you knew how the decoding process works, so in case of a problem you will be better able to explain it to the technician, and you will also be able to intelligently follow discussions on the subject in Internet forums and websites. First of all, you need to know why DVD decoders exist in the first place; although these discs can hold a lot more data than the CDs, the files, be it movie, video game, or whatever, is still compressed to allow even more information to be packed in. However, there is another reason why files in this format are compressed, and that is for copyright reasons. The compression of these files was agreed upon by the movie studios to prevent the contents from being pirated. The only way for these files to be decoded (and thus viewed by the player), is through the DVD decoder. Another reason why DVD decoders are essential is that they can restore the files to the MPEG 2...

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What Does a Movie Producer Really Do?

On the surface it looks like an easy straightforward question to answer. A producer oversees all aspects of a movie from start to finish. For example, a producer: Initiates a project at the story idea or script stage; Develops a production budget; Attaches players to a movie; Hires the director and other key personnel; Oversees every part of production from script to completed film; Raises financing; Coordinates all phases of production with budget considerations and schedule in mind; Arrangements for stills (photos) to be taken on set of actors in character and behind the scene stills for future marketing purposes; Is responsible for communicating information and decisions to key personnel; Solves problems quickly, even if it calls for a snap judgment based on only a gut feeling; Deals with the money people financing the production. Naively, when I became interested in making movies, I was expecting to learn everything about being a real movie producer from books (I'm a self-confused book junkie). I religiously devoured books looking for clear answers that fit neatly into a universal idea of ​​what a producer did. Many books were entertaining (as I hope this article will be for you) sharing real stories from the trenches of production while providing practical tips to readers. Those were my favorite types of books on filmmaking because I could relate to the human interest parts. I felt...

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Better Late Than Never – Attack the Back Ache Symptoms!

There are many reasons for back pain. Back ache symptoms are usually a result of malfunctioning of the spinal due to damage to the spine, ligaments, disks or muscles. These symptoms could occur due to an injury during accidents or due to exercise which causes inflammation in the spine. Back pain symptoms can be minor or major depending on the cause. Therefore their treatment also varies depending on the intensity of the pain. Five Things You Should Know If You Encounter Symptoms Of Backache: Are you confused about the nature of your back pain? Are you able to decide whether you should take a pain killer or visit a doctor? What could have been the intensity of the pain? Could these back ache symptoms lead to major problems? If these are some of the questions that bother you, answering these simple questions could help you solve your questions about back pain. 1. Since when am I facing the symptoms of backache? The first and foremost thing to know about back pain is the period since when you have been facing the pain. Is your pain periodic or persistent? These questions will help you know if your pain is of acute or chronic nature. Acute pain usually usually lasts for weeks and can be cured immediately. However chronic pain may last for months and needs on-going treatment for complete relief....

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Image Football Picks and NCAAF Predictions – Miami Hurricanes 2010 Season Preview

The Miami Hurricanes program has been known for always taking on all challengers and competing against the best teams in the country outside their conference. Most programs will not do this because they are afraid to drop in national rankings and have the opportunity to compete in the best bowls games. Last year the Miami Hurricanes opened up the season by playing Florida state, Georgia tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma to start the season going 3-1 which is immediately projected the news that the Hurricane program has reestablishing themselves as national powerhouse again. Although the Hurricanes started out strong, they finished the season by being exposed in the Champs Sports Bowl and could be a couple years away from being a top 10 College Football Program. Miami's success this season will start with the improvement of their junior quarterback Jacory Harris who was emerging a Heisman Trophy contender early last year but quickly fell off when he became interception through through the season. Harris displays all the physical skills to be one of the best College Football quarterbacks in the land as he thread for 3,352 yards and 24 touchdowns last year although he made mental mistakes by throwing 17 interceptions which was the second most in the NCAA Division 1 Football. Harris had a minor setback in the offseason with a torn ligament in his thumb that required...

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15 Questions To Help You Plan Your Acting Career

For personal reasons, I spend a lot of time in Italy throughout the year. When I went to New York from Italy to study and work the last time, I was more focused than I had been in the past. I had more clarity about what I wanted, about who I was as an actor, about my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. I did a SWOT self-analysis (which you can see in more detail on the website and I was as honest and as forthright with myself as possible. I also asked myself and answered the questions that helped me to see my vision for the future of my life as well as with regard to my long-term acting goal. Then, I got even more specific and asked myself a series of questions designed to help me clarify my short-term acting career goals. This article is about the 15 questions I asked myself to help me clarify my long-term goals. Here they are: 1. Where would you like to be five years from now? What will your life be like? Visualize it. Think about where you will be living, what kind of job you will have (acting job that it is! If that’s really what you want.). 2. How much would you like to earn? Be specific. 3. How does acting fit into the overall scope of your life?...

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