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Month: November 2017

How To Use Stress To Your Betterment

For some, stress is hard to live with. For others, it’s hard to live without. As soon as, a 36 year old working woman opens her eyes and sees that’s she’s over slept by half an hour, she has the sinking feeling that it’s going to be one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Rushing to get ready for work, she dashes a glass of hot milk on the kitchen floor, and then hurries out only to find that the trains are delayed because of a power failure. After finally arriving at her office, late of course, she learns that her boss has moved up an important deadline that will keep her working late every night for the next week. Then, when she gets home, she finds that the washing machine has broken down. Contrast that, with a retired executive, who wakes up at his usual time, has a leisurely breakfast with his wife and then heads off to the club for a game of golf with friends. He returns home in the afternoon, takes a nap, and then has an early dinner and watches a movie on the video. Which person is under more stress? From the outside, the answer is obvious; the lady is the one under pressure. On the inside, however, the answer may be just the opposite. Retired executive may be ready...

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Romantic Meals – When Men Impress Women In The Movies by Cooking For Them

Online dating is a great way to meet great women, but ultimately you want to meet women and make a good impression on them and develop great relationships. One way to impress women is to cook for them and although there are arguments against this, I find the results quite positive – when you cook for a woman, you demonstrate your independence and generosity, and since it is usually done in your place it is a great excuse to get her to visit you in your own environment where you can be confident, relaxed and funny – all aspects of your personality that will certainly impress her. This article looks at how men have impressed women with their cooking in the movies (and a few books). James Bond Though more noted for dining in the finest restaurants and Gentlemen’s Clubs, along with his taste in cocktails, James Bond has rustled up enough quick meals to bring a smile to the faces of several of the ladies he meets on his adventures. In A View To A Kill (1985), we see Roger Moore’s Bond putting together a quiche with the limited selection of morsels in Stacey Sutton’s kitchen (although she appears to live in a mansion, she is too busy as a top geologist to get the groceries in). Not only does he sort out a squad of bad guys...

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How to Make Movies on Your Windows Computer

In this article I will explain a few simple steps to creating a movie on your Windows XP computer. Before you begin you will need any basic webcam and this can be purchased from any Wal-Mart. You will also need to download Windows Movie Maker which is a video / editing software application for Windows. OK so once you're finished downloading Windows Movie Maker just play around with the functions and try to get a little understanding of your tools. You will also want to get familiar with your webcam if you are not already. Learn all your functions that your webcam has, so it would be a good idea to read the manual before beginning. Now that you have some basic information with your software click the task option in your toolbar until it says capture video. Make sure your camera is in webcam mode and then attach it to your computer using a USB which should be included with your camera when purchased. Next you will click capture video then click next. Here you will enter a title for your scenes. After this you will want to select Best Quality for Playback on my Computer and then click next. Next you will want to position your camera for whatever you are trying to capture and keep in mind you want your clips to be clear and as...

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Soy Candles – The Latest, Greatest Thing

More homes than not use candles these days. With the recent air time being given to 'the green movement', someone has actually discovered that burning your everyday, basic candle is bad for the environment. The solution? Soy candles. Why are my 'Old Fashioned' Candles Harmful? Truth be told, the conventional paraffin candles are produced from petroleum. When burned, they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Some studies have shown that burning these candles releases as many as 11 toxins and 2 known carcinogens into the air. (Comparable to second hand smoke or diesel fumes). Sound crazy? If you've ever burned a candle under a shelf or some other surface, look closely at the surface. That black, sooty residual is packed full of those toxins. So What Should I Burn? 'Natural' candles are now being produced and distributed as palm wax, bee's wax and soy candles. (Soy candles tend to be a little easier on your bank account.) These produce 90% less soot than the old paraffin candles. They also have an increased burning time of 50% and claim to have none of the wasted wax as in the customary kind. Aroma therapy lovers appreciate them because they are capable of not only holding more fragrance that the old kind; but the aroma is said to be truer and purer. The 'natural' candles caught on quickly and business is booming...

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Wolverine's Powers

There has been much ado about Wolverine in recent years due to the success of the X-Men movies, and I'd like to talk a little bit about Wolverine's powers and how he got them. First of all, his name is James Howlett, but everyone refers to him as Logan. He has the great senses of animals, is incredibly strong, and can heal himself by regenerating cells. He can heal from a wound or pretty much any poison in a matter of seconds, depending on how severe the injury is. This regeneration slows down his aging process, so he can live longer – much longer – than a normal human being. And let's not forget about those retracting claws. Wolverine was born with much of these powers, and according to the most recent movie, so was his brother and father. But another thing that happened to him in the movie was that he was given more powers and abilities from the obligatory "mad scientist" who wanted to use Wolverine's powers for evil. When it turned out that Wolverine could actually withstand the process that he underwent, he was extremely angry and refused to be a tool for evil. His regeneration was much better and faster, and his retractable claws were MUCH sharper and stronger, turning him into the Logan that we see on the actual X-Men movies. Wolverine has been...

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